Our production philosophy is to design and produce tools to innovative solutions around bicycle repair tools – especially tire and tube repair. Products are carefully considered and produced with an environmentally friendly mindset attempting to minimise our carbon footprint. We strive to use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible and design packaging with minimum space and materials in mind. 

Our international distribution partners are relationship based and mindfully represents the brand in more than 24 countries (and growing)  worldwide since 2015.

Stefan SAHM

Stefan is an ex-professional racer that stays active in the industry through his work as e-bike media rider at professional events and forms part of a design team creating bikes for a major European bicycle company. If not active on the bike, he is seen on the Swiss mountain slopes carving turns in the fresh powder on his powsurfer or camping with Bettina and Elin. Coffee, like bikes: N+1“Benevolence” is on the belt of his logo, but Carpe Diem is firmly tattooed on his heart!


Soigneur turned manager, Vincent is the operations guy at Stage N9NE. Passionate about performance management and simple design. Values quality relationship above all, so is endured by Bronwyn and his 4 kids Joshleen, Aidan, Catherine and Noah. Oh, and also loves coffee…


Anton is a lawyer by training, but carves his skills daily as director of an engineering firm. A passionate cyclist, he managed to balance work, training and family life carefully. He is married to Ilze and is honing his survival skills whilst raising twins, Alyx and Leah. Loves coffee. Always one more.Memento Mori, Amor Fati.