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Sahmurai | FAQ
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What size puncture can be sealed with the plug?

Any puncture between 3.5 – 5 mm can be sealed with the plug, providing that the hole has been reamed to ensure it is the same size as the plug.

How long does the repair with the plug last?

Providing that the hole has been correctly prepared and the rim tape remains undamaged, the plug should last the lifetime of the tyre.

What size handlebars does the SWORD fit into?

The SWORD is expandable to fit handlebars with interior diameter of 17 – 21mm.

Must I carry the Reamer and the Fork with me on my bike?

Yes, the reamer plays an important part in preparing the tyre correctly. If the hole is not reamed to be the same size as the plug, tyre damage can occur when forcing the plug in.

Must I still have sealant in my tyres?

Yes, it is still recommended to use liquid sealant in your tyre.

Must I trim the plug ends after plugging my tyre?

That is up to you – if you are in a hurry, there is no need, the plug will flatten between the tyre treads. If you have time and would prefer a neater look, it is fine to trim the plug ends.

Won’t I damage my rim tape by reaming the puncture hole?

We recommend inserting the reamer at a shallow angle to prevent this. If you are unsure of the technique, please have a look at one of our videos.

I struggle to get the plug into the fork – must I force the fork open?

No, it is not a good idea to force the fork open. The plug end can be flattened between your fingers which makes it easier to insert, or you can trim the plug end at an angle with scissors.

Is it safe to carry these tools on my bike?

Yes it is safe – all sharp objects are contained in the handlebars of your bike, you won’t even know it is there. The components expand with a twist to fit snugly and will not fall out.

How heavy are the components?

The Reamer weighs approximately 12g and the fork 10g.

How long will the plugs in my plug sheet stay sticky?

If kept in the sheets, and not exposed to too much dust, the plugs stay sticky for years.

Where can I buy a Sahmurai SWORD?

Ask at your local bike shop – if they don’t stock it, ask them to give us a call! For a list of our international distributers, please check out our distributer map.

I would like to retail the Sahmurai SWORD – who do I contact?

Please contact StageN9NE Distribution . info@sahmurai.com

I would like to become a distributor of the Sahmurai SWORD – what do I do?

Please send us a message via our contact form and we will be in touch with you.